My team at Google began with a bold mission: Change the way the world learns and make education accessible to all. So we created Primer—a free mobile app with fun, 5-minute, jargon-free, interactive lessons that help anyone start their own business and quickly get up-to-speed on digital marketing.

I was a core member of the original team who concepted, built, and launched the MVP version of Primer and Primer 1.0, and I currently oversee lesson creation, content strategy, and UX writing for updates and new releases of Primer.

This includes Primer's international expansion with launches in Canada, India, IndonesiaBrazil, and Spanish-speaking Latin America

As the Group Creative & Content Lead, I also:

  • Define and own the distinctive Primer tone of voice and personality, brand positioning, and content strategy.
  • Manage Primer's content team, which includes a content strategist and producer, junior and senior writers, and illustrators.
  • Provide creative direction for writers and designers.
  • Have written 75+ lessons and overseen the creation and launch of 180+ lessons (and counting).
  • Partner with designers and product marketing managers to produce advertising and website concepts.
  • Ghostwrite articles and blog posts as part of Primer's content marketing strategy.
  • Assume an editorial role for all articles, press releases, and online posts released by the Primer team.


primer-phone-1 (1).jpg

THE lessons

Humorous, jargon-free copy breaks down complex topics in an understandable and relatable way. Here, we explain A/B testing with a fun case study and a friendly, straightforward tone of voice:


Fun, engaging interactions help people learn by doing. This exercise introduces the concept of co-branding by having people tap into knowledge they already have:


And the end of every lesson has personalized next steps and a useful takeaway. In this lesson, people walk away with a personalized search ad or display ad: